What is a self-lay organisation (SLO)?

A self-lay organisation or SLO (also sometimes referred to as a self-lay provider or SLP) is a contractor accredited by water companies to make sewer connections within their area, and is an alternative to employing the water company to make the connections themselves (which they may or may not subcontract out).

Frequently, going direct to a self-lay organisation will save you money, as you’re not paying a premium for work to be subcontracted out. In addition, you will have a direct line of contact with the sewer connection experts, for quicker and easier answers and advice, rather than having to route your queries through the water company. 

We are an approved self-lay provider for water authorities in the south-east of England, namely Anglian Water, Thames Water and Southern Water. The process of our public sewer connection service, working as a self-lay organisation, can be broken down into eight steps:

  1. Asset search
    The first step is to carry out a sewer provider asset search, so that you can find out the location of the public sewers in the site area. You should be able to get information on the public sewer pipe size, depth, direction of flow and manhole locations – though it’s worth bearing in mind that some public sewers are unrecorded, and a site or local area survey may reveal further sewer locations.
  2. Drainage drawing
    An onsite drainage drawing should already have been produced by your architect, showing where the development’s drainage will leave the property boundary. However, if this is not available, we can produce a drawing for submission with your Section 106 application.
  3. Section 106 application
    The next step is to apply for permission to connect to the public sewer. Different water companies publish different guidance for sewer connections, and require different ways of making your Section 106 application– but if you appoint us as your self-lay organisation then we’ll take care of this on your behalf.
  4. Contractor quote and appointment
    We’d always suggest you request at least two self-lay provider quotations for your sewer connection works, and make sure you choose self-lay organisations who are able to carry out Section 50 licensing on your behalf. At Premier Drainage Solutions we will always provide you with a detailed, fully itemised bill of quantities, so you can be assured of no hidden costs.
  5. Section 50 approval
    A Section 50 licence is needed wherever works will affect the highway. To apply for this street works permit, traffic management drawings will need to be produced, and a line search carried out (contacting utilities with assets in the area of excavation). The application will need to specify the dates of the works. You will need to give 4-6 weeks’ notice for normal chases, and 12 weeks if the road needs to be closed.
  6. Communication
    Local residents and businesses will receive letters explaining when and where the works will take place, and giving our contact details in case of queries. This is important, as it ensures the client is not bothered by problems or questions relating to the works.
  7. Works
    The job gets done! We will always complete sewer connection works to the highest standards, getting it right first time – our long experience, high standards of training, and accreditations, all add up to a significant track record of happy customers.
  8. Completion certificate
    During the works, we liaise with the water company’s engineer, and provide documentary evidence that the connection has been made in a compliant way. The completion certificate will then be issued, and the sewer connection adopted by the water company.

To find out more about our self-lay sewer connection services, including free advice on your project, call 01268 950050 or send us an email to [email protected].

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