Drain lining, milling and CCTV inspections

Drain lining

When you are re-developing land that has an existing public sewer connection, it’s important to opt for early contractor involvement to check the sewer connections to the public sewer before the initial demolition phase begins.

By having the existing connection to the public sewer checked out first, you could save thousands of pounds by not having to re-connect to the public sewer. You can also apply to connect the new development to the public sewer via an indirect connection.

  • We advise a CCTV survey to properly evaluate the existing sewer connection.
  • If the CCTV drainage survey shows defects, we can carry out pipe lining – either a localised patch repair, or the entire length of pipe to the public sewer.
  • The CCTV footage of the re-lining can be submitted with the indirect application to the water authority (Thames Water, Anglian Water, or Southern Water).

Existing Drains FAQs

Domestic drainage problems

It is not always evident on the surface, but a property’s drainage system may have cracks or displaced joints, or suffer from the common problem of root ingress if there are large trees nearby. A CCTV camera survey will diagnose such problems and allow us to determine the best solution for repair.

Failure to rectify a drainage problem quickly can result in flooding, leaks, foul odours, structural damage, or even contribute to problems such as damp. However, we understand that the process of getting the drains repaired can feel daunting, especially when it potentially involves digging up large sections of drainage, resulting in significant cost and inconvenience.

At Premier Drainage Solutions, we have recognise this, which is why we have joined forces with Premier Drainage Co. Our partner in drainage repair has 25 years’ experience, and has invested heavily in advanced ‘no-dig’ drain relining technology, which enables the repair of damaged drains and pipes without even having to break ground. It’s by far the most cost-effective and convenient method available for the repair and renovation of domestic drains.

Pipe relining and how it works

A resin-impregnated felt material, which is specifically tailored for the length and thickness of pipe that you have, is placed into the damaged area. It is then pressurised with either water or air. Once the resin has cured, you will have a newly functional drain. This new drain will not have any joints where roots can penetrate and is a guaranteed structural repair.

The cost of relining pipes is simple and quick process for a quotation. It’s all based on access, size (diameter) length of run and depth. In most cases we would still prefer to do a site visit – this way nothing can be missed.

Patch repairs

If it has been identified that only a short section of drain requires attention, a patch repair may be the ideal solution to your problem. A fibreglass mat is impregnated with a silicate resin and inserted into the drain over the affected area. This patch liner is then pressurised against the wall of the drain using a packer. Once the resin has cured, the packer is removed, providing a guaranteed structural repair.


Milling machines are designed for fast and efficient drain cleaning, including soft blockages, scale and calcium build-up, tree roots and concrete deposits, as well as being a solution for failed liners and imperfections in the pipe.

CCTV drain inspections

You might know you have a drain problem, but you’re not sure where in the pipework it is. There’s no need to resign yourself to an excavation; CCTV surveys from Premier Drainage Solutions can save you time and money with a no-dig option. This will localise where the problem is within the run, and suggest how it can be rectified.

We use the latest CCTV cameras to move down your drain and record the results. This process can also be used as preparation for drain lining.

Our CCTV service includes:

  • Fully qualified camera technicians
  • Analysis from the latest Wincan V8 software
  • Detailed reports and maintenance recommendations
  • DVD footage

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