Preparing your sewer connection application

Whether you are renovating an existing property or building a new home from scratch, one of your main concerns will be your sewer connection. It is a fundamental part of ensuring you are compliant with building regulations, as well as avoiding environmental pollution and potential future problems with your plumbing.

How can I connect to the public sewer?

There are several ways that you can connect your property to the public sewer, depending on your type of development. The two main options available are as follows:

  1. You can opt for a direct sewer connection that goes straight to a public sewer.
  2. If you want to connect to an existing private drain that discharges into a public sewer, you will need an indirect sewer connection.

Not sure which is the right option for you? Drop our office a call on 01268 950050 for no obligation advice on the type of sewer connection you will need for your development.

Applying for a sewer connection

Although you can make your own application for either a direct sewer connection or an indirect sewer connection, we often support our customers from the inception of their project by applying for a sewer connection on their behalf. In doing so, we are able to provide information on whether your connection is to a private or public sewer, as well as offer insight into the ownership and responsibility of the available pipes.

When you start the process of making a sewer connection application, you will need to know exactly where and how you will be making the connection, what type of sewer connection you need and who owns it. It is therefore beneficial to seek professional, expert advice beforehand to enable your application to be processed smoothly.

Locating a public sewer

There are two ways of locating a sewer; the first involves purchasing a map from your local water authority, which will show where the sewers are located. Digdat is a digital platform that helps you to find the location of underground assets such as cables, pipes and sewer networks.

Another option is Source for Searches, which provides all recommended search reports including drainage and water enquiries across the UK. You will be able to locate your closest public sewer by obtaining a copy of the public sewerage records from them.

The second option is to contact a registered contractor (such as ourselves, Premier Drainage Solutions), who can assist in locating your nearest sewer in relation to your property and support you with expert advice on your sewage connection. Call our office now on 01268 950050 for no obligation advice on locating your nearest public sewer network.

Connect to the sewer network

Once you have identified the best type of sewer connection for your property, you will then need to design your connection and prepare technical drawings for your proposal. These drawings can be prepared by anyone, although in order to ensure your application is processed quickly and effectively, you may benefit from utilising professional expertise. Again, our team can be on hand to support you with creating your sewer connection drawings to submit with your application.

It is important that your drawings include an exact outline on the location of your proposed sewer connection, along with the route it will need to take, the method you will use to complete this, and any details of private drainage. You will also need to inform the local authorities on the size of the sewer you will be connecting to.

Should your development require planning permission, you will also need to submit the decision notice, along with any associated conditions that may have been outlined, before making your application. Depending on which water authority you are applying to will affect where you submit your application.

Submitting your sewer connection application

If you are submitting an application to Anglian Water, you need to use InFlow to make, apply and track applications.

If you are applying to Thames Water, you will need to complete their sewer connection application form online. They provide helpful guidance notes if you are unsure.

Should you need to apply to Southern Water, you will need to fill out their comprehensive online ‘application to connect to a public sewer‘ form.

Connecting to a public sewer

Need help with your sewer connection application? Here at Premier Drainage Solutions, we pride ourselves on our expertise in drainage, public sewer connections and waste water management. Public sewer works are a core aspect of our business; collectively we have over 40 years’ experience in laying main sewer pipes in trenches and tunnels.

We provide an efficient, effective service for our clients – from large construction companies to single dwelling developers – to support them in diverting public sewer pipes, laying new sewage lines and connecting to a public sewage network.

We believe in early contractor involvement. As such, we provide free expert advice on the best connection method, and the best time during the development to carry out your sewage connection, as well as helping take care of all matters of legislation including Section 106 applications.

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