New sewer connections: how applications differ depending on water authority

New sewer connections must all be completed according to the standards set out in the ‘Design and Construction Guidance’ published by Water UK (along with other approved documents for the sewerage sector), but there are some differences in process and fee structure, depending on which water authority you are dealing with.

At Premier Drainage Solutions we carry out works across Essex, Hertfordshire, Suffolk, Kent and beyond, working with Thames Water, Anglian Water and Southern Water – as an approved contractor – to perform new sewer connections according to all the necessary legislation, and have them adopted by the authority in question.

New sewer connection application process 
Whether you’re in an area covered by Thames Water, Anglian Water or Southern Water, the first step in making a new sewer connection is much the same – you need to perform an asset search. There are two ways of doing this. Firstly, you can purchase a map from your local water authority through, or you can obtain the information from This will help you find the location of the nearest public sewer. Of course, if you’re working with us, we take care of this element on your behalf.

Once you know where the new sewer connection will be made, the next step is to design the connection and create the required technical drawings for your sewer connection application – again, this is something we do for our customers as a matter of course. It’s at the point of making the application that we start to see some differences in the process of applying for a new sewer connection, whether you’re dealing with Thames Water, Anglian Water, or Southern Water.

Thames Water

Applications for a new sewer connection are made either online or via a PDF form, available for download from their website, when you apply to Thames Water. They publish guidance notes [RW5] to help with the process – though again, this paperwork is all part of the service at Premier Drainage Solutions.

Thames Water currently charges £330 for consent to connect directly to a public sewer, and £110 for an indirect connection, under Section 106. There’s also a charge of £1,000 to cover the application fee for sewer adoption (Section 104). In addition, you will need to pay: 2.5% of their estimate of the construction cost; an £850 legal fee for the adoption agreement; a £750 easement fee (to formalise access rights); a security deposit of either £5,000 or 10% of the construction cost estimate (released on expiry of the 12-month maintenance period).

Anglian Water

Applications for new sewer connections must be made through InFlow, if your local water authority is Anglian Water – we’ll take care of this process for you, if you’re working with us.

Anglian Water currently charges £327 for a direct connection application, and £116 for an indirect application under Section 106. The application fees for Section 104, new sewer adoption, vary by development size:

Size of development Foul only  Surface water only Foul and surface water 
Up to 50 plots £500£500£500
51-100 plots £1,000£1,500£3,500
100 plus plots £1,500£5,000£7,000

You will also need to factor in a variety of other Section 104 charges including a supervision/inspection fee of 2.5% of the estimated construction cost (minimum charge £510); a surety fee of 10% of the estimated construction cost (minimum charge £5,000); £361 for the legal agreement, with amendments charged at £120 per hour; a CCTV assessment fee of £179; and possibly a repeat vetting fee (if required) of £217.

Southern Water

An online form is also the way you submit your application for a new sewer connection to Southern Water – or you could let us take care of this, of course. However, if you’re tackling this sewer connection step yourself, they do publish some guidance notes that are worth reading.

Southern Water currently charges £230.83 for a Section 106 application. Section 104 costs include an application fee of £515, an inspection fee of 2.5% of the construction value, a £400 legal fee, and a bond of 10% of the construction value.

For help and advice with all your new sewer connection needs, including taking care of the administrative processes required to keep your works compliant, call 01268 950050 or send us an email to [email protected].

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