How to find an approved contractor for a sewer connection

It used to be that all water authorities published a list of their approved contractors for sewer connections, but we’ve noticed recently that this is no longer the case. However, just because the water companies aren’t making it quite so easy to find the right SLO (self-lay organisation) it doesn’t mean that it’s not worth opting for this choice over employing the water authority to do your sewer connection works (the works often get sub-contracted out, anyway, and so this may not be the most economical solution).

Using a self-lay organisation (SLO) – sometimes referred to as a self-lay provider or SLP – can be a savvy choice, as you won’t pay a mark-up and can discuss all aspects of the works with them directly. You will need to use an approved contractor for a sewer connection, so you will need to factor this into your search process (or, it can be a useful approach to ask people you know who work in construction if they have any recommendations of approved contractors for sewer connections works).

Finding an approved contractor for a sewer connection
So what does the right kind of approved contractor look like? The best sewer connection contractors have a number of characteristics in common:

Approved contractors have proper accreditations
Whether by an individual water company or through the Water Industry Registration Scheme (WIRS), SLOs are properly accredited to make sewer connections – it’s actually a legal requirement. We work with Southern Water, Thames Water and Anglian Water.

Free initial advice
Sewer connections aren’t always as simple as they might seem, and the way in which works are planned and carried out can have a big impact on cost and on the time taken (for example, it can take 12 weeks for a road closure licence to be issued – but perhaps the works can be completed in such a way as to avoid a road closure, and completion can be brought forward). We believe a proper initial consultation and proposal process is key, and a part of the service that should happen before you commit to spending money with a particular contractor.

Plenty of sewer connection experience
Given that any remedials would be invasive and expensive, it’s a good idea to get sewer connections right first time – which means making sure your contractor really knows their stuff. Ask about previous works that have similarities (for example, in tricky urban sites, or at greater depths), and don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions.

End-to-end service
Approved contractors will do their sewer connections properly from start to finish, and that includes all the paperwork required in terms of the works themselves and any licences or permits needed to work in a public highway.

ISO accreditation
Quality management accreditation is as close to a guarantee as you’ll get when it comes to choosing a contractor for their excellent management practices. We’re proud of our ISO 9001 accreditation, which demonstrates our management proficiency, robust processes, and customer-first approach, as well as our focus on continual improvement.

Testimonials and reviews
While you’re looking for an approved contractor for sewer connection works, you’ll get a good idea of their attitude to customer service from the way they answer your initial enquiries. However, it’s also wise to request case studies and testimonials, as these will demonstrate that the company has a history of happy customers and you’ll also get a sense of the length and breadth of their technical knowledge and experience, too.

If you’d like to find out more about our exemplary customer service and technical background, and of course get some free professional advice on your project, call us on 01268 950050 or email [email protected].

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