Public sewer connection within highway and verge

This project involved connecting to the existing main sewer just inside the highway, but mainly within the verge, which helped make the job more straightforward – our working area was a good size as a result, which helped when it came to getting down to the right depth.

We excavated to the depth of 4m using a 5-tonne excavator, with the last metre dug by hand to reduce the risk of damaging the existing public sewer. Once down to depth, with the main sewer exposed, we cut out and replaced a section of the existing sewer, using a new pre-formed junction secured with two new Flexseal couplers. Connection completed, we piped from our new junction to a newly installed pre-cast concrete manhole at the boundary of the property, to complete the works.

We used give-and-take traffic management during this connection. As the highway was very quiet and the works were only just encroaching on the carriageway, we managed to avoid the use of two-way traffic lights. A simpler set-up not only means drivers are not inconvenienced by a red light, but also keeps cost down to a minimum.

As with any job completed within a highway, the right compaction and materials must be used. MOT Type 1 crush was compacted in layers and given the correct number of passes with a petrol trench rammer, before bitumen edge sealer was applied to cleaned edges, and the specified tarmac was used. Thermoplastic overbanding tape was used to prevent water ingress. Due to the weather at the time of the works, we agreed with the local authority to return in the spring to repair all verges as the wet and cold conditions wouldn’t give the grass a chance to regrow.

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